Why are you suffering?

Matthew 11:28
Come to me all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens and I will give you rest.

It’s a question I often ask myself day in and day out.  Not so much for my own self but for people that I meet along the way or have known and loved for years.

You see, I know a secret.  Apparently the best kept secret in life.  I mean it must be a secret because if it was common knowledge there would be less suffering in this world and less suffering in our hearts.

His name is Jesus Christ and he is magnificent.  He was sent from heaven to die for our sins.  To heal our suffering and give us eternal happiness.  He also left a huge present here on earth.  The Holy Spirit.  All you have to do is ask for him to come into your heart and he will happily oblige and you will be at peace.  Could it be that simple?  Well, sort of.

Jesus so badly wants a relationship with each and everyone of Gods children here on earth and all we have to do is ask him for that.  Who knew it was the most simplist of answers to the hardest of hearts?  Best friends with Jesus?  I’m in.  I’m scared, but I’m in!

I’ve added a scipture above that is a beautiful way to start a conversation with Jesus right now.  But if you’re new to this journey with Christ and not comfortable with scripture (yet) feel free to say the following words:

“Jesus I am weary and burdened.  I am so tired of chasing after my life. I am scared and feel hopeless and don’t know what to do.  Please come into my heart and give me peace, understanding and the promise of a life filled with Love and Joy.  I want to know you more.  Please give me rest.  In your name, Amen!”

That was so easy wasn’t it?  But it doesn’t stop there.  Like every relationship we value and want to last a lifetime, we have to invest and work hard.  But he makes it easy. It probably doesn’t make a lot of sense to you right now but once you get going you will be amazed.  The work that he does in your life actually enables less work that you actually have to apply to your everday life.  We are all guilty of overworking our hearts and minds with worries, fears and negativity.  He manages that.  Trust me on this one.

So the short answer is you have to Love Jesus and Trust in God.  The long answer is you have to talk to Jesus from time to time (in fact waking up and giving your day to him first? Yes, that helps and can work wonders).  You also have to read the Bible.  It’s imperative to hear Gods words in order to understand his purpose and his purpose for us. Its truly fascinating reading Old Testament parables, meeting Gods prophets & Jesus’s apostles, memorizing his proverbs, learning about Jesus’s story and his second coming and so on.  Seems like a lot now doesn’t it?   It’s like any great book, once you get started you get drawn in like a good series on Netflix.  You may not start by binge reading all 66 books in the bible in one week, but just start wherever you are led.  I recommend you start with the book of Proverbs.  It’s one of my favorites and it’s an easy read.  It’s God “instructional booklet” for our life and it is really good.

The good news is you don’t have to do all of this in a day.  In fact it may take you years and years and years and that’s OK.  I’ve been learning the Bible for years and years and years and I am nowhere near where I hope to be someday.  I have also been building my relationship with Jesus Christ for years and years and years and I am nowhere where I hope to be someday.  We are all a work in progress and never completed.  We should yearn to learn each and every day.  God knows that and he doesn’t care about what pace you take it at.  He is ready to meet you where you are.  He just wants you to know him on earth and come to heaven one day to live in his promised eternal paradise.  The only way to achieve this is to love his only son, Jesus Christ.

Start with the above prayer and then let Jesus take the wheel of your life.  You will be so amazed at what he can do in your life.  In no way am I claiming that you will have an easy journey through life.  Nor would I claim that you were going to get everything you want out of life or think you deserve.  So sorry, it doesn’t work that way.  I thought the same thing.  Oh Lord, did he set me on the straight and narrow. God knows the only way we are going to become stronger and wiser is to give us trials and tribulations and see how we pull through.  It’s only in those storms that when we call upon him, he gives us the peace and understanding as to why we are hurting and how to prevail with him in charge.  Wisdom is gained through understanding, acceptance and learning from those who have made it through the rain by always seeing God behind those clouds.  He actually brings people into our lives whether it’s to “do life with” or to learn a little something along the way to inevitably bring you to his open arms.

The enemy has a powerful way of blinding us to seeing his goodness.  Just deny Satan in Jesus’s name and he will go away.  No seriously?  He literally will leave your mind and the trouble he is causing disappears!  It’s amazing and it’s fullproof.

Once in a while we tend to forget who our Lord is and where he belongs in our lives. We get engrossed in the rustle and bustle of our crazy lives thinking we have to please everyone around us and that we have full control.  He then throws us curveballs to remind us that we are not focused on him and then gives us a big “Hello, come back to the one who knows you best and can set those pathways straight”.  You will feel it when you steer far away from Jesus.  It’s a crappy feeling but when you reconnect, you then feel an ease only he can provide.  What other relationships in your life offer that?  Not many!

I can speak these truths to you because I have lived them in conjunction with grace. I do know that God will give you what you need and those blessings are beyond any materialistic belonging, tainted relationship, tortured heart, daily failure and hopeless feelings that you may be experiencing prior to this personal revalation.  If you enter this journey without doubt or fear and simply trust, your life will change for the better.

That, my friend is the best kept secret.  So what’s keeping you from Jesus’s truth and grace?  You!


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